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Erin, 21, St. Louis.

I like 30 Rock, Bob's Burgers, How I Met Your Mother, SNL, Community, Parks and Rec, etc.

I also like baked goods, snakes, warm clothes and painting. I collect antique inkwells and have an unhealthy obsessions with decorative vases.

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If you’re feeling down, I’ll go down on you

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I just want to yell at someone who deserves it.

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My throwback game is strong.

My throwback game is strong.

I have a situation that I need some advice for.

My grandma has been battling Pancreatic cancer for almost a year. I’ve barely been emotional the whole time her treatments have been going on. I’ve been very calm and I can control my emotions to “let it out” at an appropriate time. Last night she passed away. It was quick, and it wasn’t traumatic. But regardless of how much you mentally prepare for this to happen, it still hits you like a ton of bricks.

My boyfriend of 4 years doesn’t want to go to the funeral with me. This is an extremely vulnerable time for me & I will be the only one out of my immediate family that won’t have a significant other that can just be by my side.

The reason he doesn’t want to go is because he has had several deaths within the past 6 years. The most recent was his mother in the summer of 2010, right before we started dating. If this were me, I wouldn’t ask if he necessarily needed me there, I would say “Where are you, I’m coming to you right now. Do you need anything, I will get it immediately.”

Is this a shitty thing for him to do, or should I just let it go and not bring it up? I appreciate any replies.

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colours of the wind


colours of the wind

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Anatomically correct vascular systems made from blown glass by Gary Baslow.